Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Panel(s) of the Day #5

Sorry to muck up a Random Panel entry with words (gasp), but I'm confused by Multiversity's Captain Carrot. Is this supposed to be the actual Captain Carrot? He says he's met Superman before (New Teen Titans # 16 and Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew #1).

Anybody know? If he is supposed to be the real, true one and only Captain Carrot, then WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST DRAW HIM CORRECTLY??


  1. I read in an interview that the artist wanted to draw a "realistic" Captain Carrot and make him less "cartoony". That that for what it's worth.

    Big Captain Carrot fan here, by the way . . . . ever since I picked up Issue 2 off the spinner rack in a local grocery store in 1982!!



    Reis: I designed Nix Uotan, Captain Carrot and some of the heroes that appear in the story.

    Grant asked me to give Nix Uotan an updated and more superhero look for this incarnation, to bring him closer to the New 52 vibe. So while I tried not to change too much, I gave him a modern/Matrix-like feel. For me, the important thing about designs is to leave enough of the old version to let the characters be recognizable to the readers.

    Now the other character was Captain Carrot! Grant wanted him to be graphically able to make sense and interact with the other characters throughout the whole story, as opposed to the cartoon version of the character. So I came up with a bulky, muscular and more realistic “super-rabbit.” But I always tried to keep him very expressive, so we could play with the character, and his facial expressions.

  3. Yeah, they should have just left him the way he was. he never had any problems interacting with the more realistic super-heroes in the past, as drawn by Scott Shaw.

  4. Still not quite understanding if this is supposed to be the Captain Carrot from the original series or a different one, though.

    1. I am just happy they included him. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series!!

  5. Speaking of Super Rabbit, this Sunday on Cartoon Network the Looney Tunes is airing "Super Rabbit"

  6. Sean check your email, I just email you the Captain Carrot sketch cover by Jenn Blake (My Little Pony Red Label Hardcover).