Sunday, February 22, 2015

Convergence: Harley Quinn article

So I just want to thank Mon Prime for alerting me to this piece of news. has just posted an interview with Convergence: Harley Quinn writer Steve Pugh. Convergence: Harley Quinn, for those of you living under a rock lately, is the two issue Convergence tie-in where Harley fights Captain Carrot. And probably ends up teaming up with him, too.

The interview is great, so check it out by clicking here. I'll have to admit, though, the thing that got me the most excited was this image that was posted on the interview page:

Looks like we're getting the old-school appearance for Captain Carrot this go around! YES!! It's about bloody time! Although it looks like he's losing the fight in that pic (which I'm assuming is a cover for one of the issues). Don't know how I feel about that, as I'm pretty sure the good Captain could kick Harley's ass. But it is her book, so you know how that goes.

Convergence: Harley Quinn by writer Steve Pugh and artist Phil Winslade, hits stands April 8th, 2015.

BUY IT!!!!

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