Monday, October 7, 2013

Mystery comic strip!

Marcus Mebes posted this Captain Carrot strip earlier tonight on the Bring Back Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew! page on facebook, asking if anybody knew where it came from.

I hadn't seen this picture before, and from the replies on facebook, neither had anybody else. So I shot off a private message to Scott Shaw! himself, and he replied almost instantly saying he was't entirely sure, but he thought it was from Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special, which in and of itself, I had never heard of. A quick google search later and I came up with this:

Amazing Heroes Swimsuit Special '91. I am assuming this is the above strip's point of origin. If you look at the list of contributing artists listed on the cover, you can see Scott's name. So until somebody tells me otherwise, I'm pretty sure I have tracked it down. If anybody out there can confirm, that would be great!

The strip itself is great, and Marcus is gonna color it up. I'll be sure to post the finished version on here when he gets it finished.

(I especially love the caption box that says "No gritty revisionist comeback for the Zoo Crew!" and then at the bottom, "Until DC gets desperate!" Well, Captain K'Rot certainly reeked of desperation!)

So now we know what the Zoo Crew was up to in between the Oz/Wonderland War mini-series and their appearance in the 2003 Teen Titans series issues 30 and 31. Well, up until shortly before the events in those issues, as the Zoo Crews' lives went all to hell by then.


  1. Only in the 1990's would someone think to enlist Ho Che Anderson and Roberta Gregory to contribute to a swimsuit special. Sure, Gregory's Bitchy Bitch and other characters trying to have fun at the beach is filled with humor potential, but I don't know what people would have made of Martin Luther King in a bathing suit. Many of my old fanzines are in storage and I can't remember if that's one of them. I should swing by to check.

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