Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Crossover

A blog crossover, you ask? And Captain Carrot's Burrow is actually getting to participate for once? Yes. Yes it is true. How did this come to pass? Well...

Apparently there was this little shindig down in Atlanta recently called DragonCon. I think it's a comic book convention or something like that. Okay okay, I know what DragonCon is, but being poor AND living in Canada doesn't allow me to attend such things. I do, however, keep my eyes on them. Writing your own comic and running three different blogs, you kind of have to.

This year, due to a lot of personal issues (breaking up with my fiance, having to move AND being in a car accident that has left me with some crazy form of amnesia), I wasn't paying any attention to anything around me. So imagine my surprise when John Godwin sent me this X 3:

I was all "Holy crap! Somebody actually cosplayed as Captain Carrot!? And it's a pretty girl to boot?"

Then Shag from over at Firestorm Fan sent me these pics:

The model's name is Krystle Starr and you can head on over to facebook and LIKE her page here. She has a lot of very good cosplay pictures as various different super-heroes posted on her page. So go check them out.

She's also Chief of Staff for Samaze Magazine and there are tons more DragonCon 2014 pictures featuring Krystle and a lot of others, posted on their website. So check that out as well by clicking here.

Dragon Con Cosplay Crossover Links

As mentioned, several different blogs have teamed-up today to cover some of the amazing cosplayers at Dragon Con 2014! Visit these other character-specific blogs to see how they spotlight their own favorite heroes today. Visit them now, visit them later, and visit them often! (Shag wrote that, not me. I lifted it from his site because I am lazy.)

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*Firestorm @ Firestorm Fan
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*Hawkman/Hawkgirl @ Being Carter Hall
*Legion of Super-Heroes @ Legion of Super Bloggers

Looks like a fun time was had by all, and hey, maybe next year we'll get the whole Zoo Crew.

Keep on Crewzin', folks!