Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome to the Burrow!

Hi everybody, and welcome to my second (and probably last) blogsite, Captain Carrot's Burrow. It's the new place on the Internet to come and celebrate your love for those fantastic Funny Animal comics published by DC Comics.

First off, I would like to point out that I am a Marvelite, or is it Marvel Zombie? I'm not sure what the proper term is these days. What I mean is, for years, I pretty much read only Marvel. I think I made a conscious decision at some point in time to actually get rid of all my DC stuff, and just concentrate on one universe. That was a lame decision. I must have been high, or something. Don't get me wrong, I still loved the DC characters, I just didn't want to be reading about two different comic book worlds, and since most of my favorite characters were at Marvel, I stuck with them.

"Yeah, Sean. That was extremely stupid of you. But why are you telling us this?"

Well, I'm telling you this because Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew is a DC book. And I'm making a blog about them. AND some other DC stuff might creep in from time to time. AND I am by no means a DC expert. So, on occasion, I may make...*gasp* mistakes!!!!

There. I said it.

I may make mistakes from time to time when it comes to DC history. I'm not saying I will for sure, but it is possible. The only DC books I've kept up with semi-consistently over the last 15 years would be Firestorm and Justice League of America, so my knowledge of the DC Universe as a whole is limited. That being said, I will try to keep the errors to a minimum. Feel free to trash me and set me right if I do screw up.

What do I hope to accomplish here? Well, raising awareness of the awesomeness that is Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw's Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew funny book, for one.(Maybe even enough to get DC to give them a new series? Probably not, but one can dream.) I plan to review all the Captain Carrot appearances, maybe post some fan art, keep you all up to date on any new Captain Carrot news. Stuff like that. So keep checking back. You never know what could happen.

And be sure to check out Firestorm Fan and The Aquaman Shrine. And their collaboration podcast, Fire and Water. Those are the two DC fan blogs that inspired me to do this blog in the first place. So thanks to Shag Matthews and Rob Kelley for the inspiration. (Rob, you can kick my ass later if I spelled your last name wrong.) Edit: I have just been informed by Rob himself that I can be expecting an ass-kicking. It's spelled "Kelly" with one "e". Sorry, Rob. That's what I get for posting with the flu. Please, not the face!!!

And a special thanks to Keith Howell who threw together my fantastic Captain Carrot's Burrow banner you see up at the top of the page. I love it!

So where do we stand right now? Well, I'm just waiting for my copy of New Teen Titans #16 to show up (that's Captain Carrot's FIRST appearance, for you unedumacated people), and then we'll get started on the reviews.

And people!!! Feel free to let me know of anything Captain Carrot-related you may find. News, pictures, interviews with the creators, etc etc. I will be setting up an e-mail account JUST for this blog, so you'll be able to contact me through there with any juicy tidbits you may find. Always looking for some good reporters!

Until next time!


  1. Sean - Welcome to the DC Blogosphere! This is such a great idea for a blog! And your header is stunning! Nice job, Keith!

    Keep up the great work!

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. Thanks alot, Shag. Hopefully I can keep it going for a good, long while.
    I'm enjoying myself so far.