Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who's Who in the Zoo Crew - Fastback

Well, it's time for another exciting entry in Who's Who in the Zoo Crew, and since I recently posted an article about the Terrific Whatzit, I figured who better to feature this time around than Whatzit's nephew.

Good 'ol Timmy Joe Terapin. Garsh, he's nifty.

This handbook entry first appeared in the September 1985 issue of Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe. The issue number (or volume number as it states on the cover) is #7.

Here's the cover to the issue. Fastback can been seen running swiftly up the Elongated Man's back. Um...

And just for fun, here is another cool picture of Fastback I found in an old November 1997 Flash one-shot called Speed Force. This 64-page special contained stories featuring all kinds of characters who use the Speed Force to be...well, speedy. In its pages, you will marvel to the exploits of such super speedsters as the Flash, Kid Flash, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick (the Golden Age Flash for people who live under a rock), Jesse Quick and a MYSTERY FLASH!!! Unfortunately, there is no Fastback story, BUT there is an awesome Phil Jimenez pin-up showing all the characters (as of Nov. '97 anyway) that access the Speed Force, and Fastback, as you can see below, is on it.

Captain Carrot fans have often wondered if Fastback accesses the Speed Force when he uses his super speed. It is never mentioned in any of the comics he's in, but I've long believed that he probably does. So I was thrilled when I saw this picture. Does it PROVE anything? Probably not. But who cares?

Keep on crewzin', folks!!!


  1. I will. I just need to find the time to start doing some actual issue reviews. So damn busy right now. :(