Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Color Phil Jimenez Zoo Crew picture FOUND!

A few months back, on November 2, 2012, I posted a blog entry entitled Captain Carrot Fan Art: Artist Unknown. It featured an awesome piece of Zoo Crew art, and I really wanted to know who the artist was.

Well, it turns out it wasn't a piece of fan art, but a professional piece done by comic artist Phil Jimenez (Wonder Woman, Infinite Crisis, New X-Men, amongst others) for an issue of the now defunct Wizard magazine. I talked briefly with Phil on facebook, and he told me it was done up as part of an April Fool's Day issue. He also told me that there was a COLOR version of the picture that had been done for the magazine, but he unfortunately didn't have a copy of it for me.

Of course, I now needed to track this down.

For once, luck was with me. I didn't have to look far. In the comments section of the same blog entry, a CCB fan calling himself Monitor_ep told me to contact him, as he had the color version to send me.

I immediately...forgot all about this.

Yes, somehow I forgot about it. Monitor_ep left his comment back at the beginning of January 2013. I read it. And forgot about it. Bad, Sean. BAD!

But then...I remembered! And sent off an e-mail to Monitor_ep asking if he still had it. And he did! So here it is for your viewing pleasure!

I didn't think it was possible for this picture to look any better, but...well, there you go!

So a huge Captain Carrot THANK YOU going out to Monitor_ep for sending me the pic. And hey, check out his DeviantART page if you have the time. Monitor_ep has a TON of awesome custom DC action figures pictured there, and they look fantastic. Definitely worth a peek. You can find his page HERE.


  1. I remember that solicitation. Many of us were talking about it, until we realized it was the April Fool's Day issue. I don't recall the Captain Carrot story within TEEN TITANS. Did it follow the same plot that Little Cheese had been murdered (similar to Identity Crisis)?

    The Irredeemable Shag

  2. Yeah, that is the story in the Teen Titans issue. Little Cheese murdered, Captain Carrot is a recluse after his girlfriend was killed, etc etc.