Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DC Comics blog Halloween crossover (Or "I got nothin'!)

Happy Halloween, everybody! A plethora of different DC Comics-related blogs (18 in total, I believe) are having one of their semi-annual crossover events, and this one is full of spooky Halloween fun! The main theme behind this crossover was the 1998 crossover event "Ghosts", which appeared in that year's Justice League-related Annuals, although a few of the other blogs have joined in the fun with their own Halloween-type tales from their respective series.

Chad Bokelmen, blogger extraordinaire from over at the Green Lantern blog, Corps Conjecture, was the mastermind behind this idea, and was responsible for recruiting everybody you see below.

I tried! I really did. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything Captain Carrot/Halloween related. Anywhere. So I thought I'd just throw up a mention of this here, and post the links to everybody else's entries.

Here they are, in alphabetical order! Read 'em all, they're all great! And make sure to have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

■“Ghosts” @ The Aquaman Shrine

■“Bough Breaks” @ Batman: Gotham Knights Online

■“Swamp Thing’s Ghost Dance” @ The BLOG from the BOG – Swamp Thing

■“Seeing Ghosts” @ Boosterrific

■“Life Itself” @ Captain’s JLA Homepage

■“Ghosts’ – The Corpse Corps!” @ Corps Conjecture

■“What Creeps Out The Creeper?” @ DC Bloodlines

■“The Distance Gone” @ Diana Prince is the New Wonder Woman

■“Shoe Shine.. Back from the Dead” @ Firestorm Fan

■“The Death Sentence” @ Great Krypton!

■“Happy Halloween” @ I Am The Phantom Stranger

■Martian Manhunter in “Heart’s Afire” @ The Idol-Head of Diabolu

■“Legend of Driq” @ Indigo Tribe

■The Vixen in “Role Model” @ Justice League Detroit

■“Ghosts” @ Power of the Atom

■“Ragman – Ripped to Shreds!” @ Ragman – DC’s Tatterdemalion of Justice

■The Spectre in “Zor” @ Siegel & Shuster: Mythmakers

■“High-Speed Hauntings” @ Speed Force

The thing that made this extra fun for me was I didn't even know about some of these blogs before now, and they are ALL interesting and full of fun facts relating to their subject matter. Expect me to be adding them to my Links list ASAP!


  1. I'm pretty sure calling me a "blogger extraordinaire" just made my day. Untrue, but AWESOME nonetheless.